About Us

Arcomed is a Chilean company, part of Arcosystem Group.

Arcomed began its activities thanks to the vision of a group of professionals motivated to provide a viable solution to a significant number of patients affected by surgeries that required the removal of cranial bone, and who subsequently lacked viable alternatives to recover the aesthetics and function of this.
This is how Arcomed developed a unique technique in South America and the world, which has made it possible to facilitate the physical and psychological recovery processes of patients, opting for customized solutions, with world-class quality standards.

Arcomed has strict work protocols, which combined with the use of top-level materials and digital tools (certified by ISO and FDA), position us as the only manufacturer in Chile of this type of implants.

We are known for providing personalized treatment to both the patient and the professionals who choose to do their rehabilitation with us.

Our customized prostheses are designed according to the patientʼs cranial or facial morphology, this allows us to simplify surgical procedures, reducing operative times and avoiding continuity problems in the facial or cranial contours, providing a work of great adjustment and accuracy.


Our Mission is to improve the quality of life of our patients, allowing access to cutting-edge technologies that allows proper social reintegration, optimally and with minimal trace of the implant.


Lead from the southern cone the development of custom implants and prosthesis manufacturing technologies.


  • Commitment and empathy with every Patient.
  • Excellence in the development of each Solution.
  • Collaboration with the Health Professional to achieve perfect results.
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