Customized Maxillofacial Implants

Get to smile again can be a difficult goal, and if we also add the need to recover basic facial functions, the task can be tremendously complicated.
At Arcomed we have a team specialized in the design and manufacture of prostheses for facial reconstruction (caused by trauma or tumors among others), designing and building individual prostheses for each patient in particular.
We also manufacture prostheses for aesthetic purposes, to modify those details at patientʼs request.
One of many advantages of PEEK implants, is that this material presents a mechanical behavior very similar to human bone, so once installed they give a sensation to the touch that is not achieved with other types of implants.
At Arcomed, we have achieved complex reconstructions with 100% effectiveness, restoring self-esteem and smiles to more than a hundred patients a year.

Maxillofacial Products:

  • Customized Chin Implant in PEEK and PMMA
  • Customized Gonial Angle Implant in PEEK and PMMA
  • Customized Zigoma Implant in PEEK and PMMA
  • Customized Paranasal Implant in PEEK and PMMA
  • Orbit Floor Customized Implant in PEEK and Titanium
  • Customized Nasal Spine Implant in PEEK and PMMA

Stock implants in PEEK
Chin, Gonial Angles, Zygomas, Paranasal

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