Customized Titanium Implant

Arcomed is the Chilean representative of CPMH, the leading company in Brazil in the manufacture of Titanium implants.

Thanks to this alliance, Arcomed offers to Chilean patients Titanium TMJ prosthesis(Temporomandibular Joint), which is recommended for recovering the function of the jaw (for a reconstructive need or for correction of bone irregularities), allowing it to perform normal mandibular movements (opening and closing), forward and backward projection movements (protrusion and retrusion) and lateral movements.


The Implantize system is an extremely favorable alternative for those patients who have been affected by a great difficulty that an implant surgery implies, due to the scarcity of bone, and the significant amount of additional procedures, time and money that this could cost, not having, despite that, complete certainty of the success of that treatment.
Many times, for patients who have a great loss of bone, it is necessary to perform additional surgeries, with bone graft, such as the hip, tibia, the skull bone (cranial vault) or other.
With the implantize system, in a single session the patient undergoes surgery and later the installation of their teeth if they wish so. No additional surgeries, no bone graft, no long-term treatments.

The basis of this type of treatment is a titanium implant that can be anchored in areas of the face that do have bone, through a highly precise procedure in which the titanium implant is fixed with screws, perfectly adapting to the anatomy and geometry of the facial bones.

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