PEEK Customized Cranial Implant


A cranial implant consists of a prosthetic element that has the purpose of replacing a lost segment of bone tissue in the cranial vault. In the case of PEEK implant, this material represents the gold standard in craniofacial reconstruction with synthetic materials, given multiple advantages over metallic materials.

Advantages over Other Alternatives
Among the many advantages that we can find over other synthetic materials is its radiolucency, a property that avoids radiographic artifacts. However it is visible in 3D reconstructions.
On the other hand, it has been tested in patients undergoing radiotherapy, with wide success, since the beam of rays can pass through the implant, avoiding the “backscatter” that metallic materials do produce.
PEEK is a bio-inert material, so it does not produce allergy reactions or foreign bodies in the body, it is also very resistant to compression, presenting a modulus of elasticity very close to cortical bone, which makes it the most synthetic material biomechanically favorable for the body.

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